Case Studies

ACAS was hoping to develop an integration platform within a specified budget and guaranteed time period. By choosing Smarter Integration, the platform was available within 48 hours and ACAS was able to redistribute huge savings to other vital projects.

Having over 20 years of experience in the ski industry, ChaletFinder realized the need to integrate this functionality to assist them in recovery following the impact of Covid-19 on the travel industry.

White Papers & Articles

ICaaS: The Next Generation of Cloud-Based Integration

Integration Connectivity as a Service (ICaaS) offers a cloud-based or hybrid digital integration platform, representing the next generation of enterprise integration for the digital age. It provides an alternativeto existing on-premise and SaaS / IPaaS integration platforms.

Turning marginal into massive gains for retailers

In this article published on, our Director explains how adopting a cloud platform for integration could give retailers access to the insights they need to help the business perform better.

Natural evolution — integrations move into the cloud will deliver huge benefits

In this article, Smarter Integration’s Director, discusses how Integration Capability as a Service (ICaaS) can help to remove some of the traditional issues experienced by CTOs and architects during digital projects

DE-RISKING INTEGRATION: How ICaaS is transforming the connectivity layer

Delivering substantial cost and time savings, Integration Capability as a Service (ICaaS) is providing an alternative to onpremise integration platforms. This paper looks at how this cloud-based solution is removing complexity and risk from connectivity projects.

Enterprise Systems Integration in 48 hours

Smarter Integration offers customers a cloud-based solution comprising a number of standard integration patterns, pre-built within the platform. These pre-built patterns can be used to quickly and efficiently connect business applications and services in order to provide the right data at the right time.

How digital integration is transforming retail

Retail is a sector that has never been afraid of change. Over the years, many innovations from the first self-service stores, to self-scanning, to click and collect have changed the way we shop. The internet has, of course, had a major impact on the retail world with many bricks and mortar stores feeling threatened by their online-only competitors.


Integration Capability as a Service (ICaaS) is the next stage in cloud-based integration.

Find out how Smarter Integration can change you business in as little as 48 hours in this short video.



Hybrid Integration – An Ideal Partner for the Cloud Migration Journey

The need for integrated IT systems is no longer in question. Modern organisations rely on data to drive operational and strategic decisions, but it’s not possible to use this data effectively if it’s sitting in silos. Therefore, once an enterprise has decided to...

Cloud Security 101: Keeping Your Enterprise Data Safe in the Cloud

Cybercrimes are one of the biggest threats to the bottom line. Research from Accenture shows that the average cost of cybercrime to an organisation grew to $13m (£9.9m) in 2019, with the number of security breaches increasing by 67% over the last five years. Moving...

How Cloud Will Enable “The New Normal”

The coronavirus crisis has demonstrated that internet connectivity is no longer a luxury - it’s a utility. During the period of lockdown, the internet has been the only link to the outside world for many people. Furthermore, it’s provided a lifeline to a vast number...