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Process Insights for the Digital Enterprise

Get the Big Picture

Do you have what it takes to provide extraordinary customer services? Do you always know how your business is performing? nJAMS gives you complete visibility into your operations – to drive your digital business into a winning future.


Discover Processes

nJAMS tracks your data to discover how your business transactions are executed and determines correlations between processes. Then we visualise the process flow in a drill-down process graph.

Measure What Matters

What is your corporate strategy? nJAMS helps you visualize your progress, process performance and KPIs on a user-friendly dashboard. Alerts allow you to take immediate action when required. 

Get Better, Now

nJAMS provides a unique combination of process flow, process data and process performance KPIs. It lets you drive your corporate strategy forward through faster and better-informed decision making. 

nJAMS helps deliver and improve business outcomes from your existing MuleSoft and TIBCO integration platforms. You receive an enterprise wide, top-down perspective of process flows and transaction data aligned with your business strategy.