We are proud to announce our newest client, TeamingWay. TeamingWay are a fresh, new collaboration tool, enabling teams to work effectively and achieve results.

With a staggering 83% of employees relying on technology for collaboration[1], finding the right tool is critical to meeting business objectives. TeamingWay help drive exponential benefits for businesses, leading to 76% increased productivity and 52% increased sales[2].

Smarter Integration has been chosen as the integration platform, facilitating the integration of TeamingWay with calendar, email and other functions to create a seamless user experience and further enhance the benefits.

Smarter Integration offers an enterprise worthy platform that is resilient, flexible and scalable. Existing clients report savings of up to 90% with no up-front costs or ongoing licence fees.

If you would like to hear how we can help you with your integration project – please get in touch.

[1] https://goremotely.net/blog/workplace-collaboration/#:~:text=83%25%20of%20employees%20rely%20on,collaboration%20and%20teamwork%20as%20important.&text=Employees%20now%20spend%20about%2050,productivity%20by%20up%20to%2030%25.

[2] PowerPoint Presentation (cnsg.com)