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Smarter Integration

Your Path to a Smarter Business

Integration Connectivity as a Service (ICaaS) is a low-code, cloud-based digital integration solution. Our integration experts have created the Smarter Integration platform to harness this cutting-edge technology to give our clients the quickest, most reliable and cost effective route of integration available.

Smarter Integration represents the next generation of enterprise integration for the digital age. A tangible alternative to SaaS / IPaaS integration platform that enables users to re-architect their infrastructure and create an agile business.


Accelerate Your Journey to the Cloud

  • A fully cloud-based solution that connects apps and data with speed and ease with no in-house development skills.
  • A user-friendly presentation interface is provided to enable even non-technical employees to administer the platform.
  • Based on best practice patterns, common services and an API approach that ensures adherence to a single architecture and standard, reusable services.
  • It provides a tried-and-tested library of secure, reusable integration patterns and connectors, including a broad range of application-specific adapters and those for transport and messaging protocols.
  • It’s scalable and flexible enough to cope with the demands of fast-moving organisations and their markets, providing unfaltering support as you endeavor on your digital transformation journey.

Smarter Integration can be deployed within any business or organisation across all industries and sectors to provide a hybrid integration connectivity-as-a-service solution. It can be implemented in an agile, iterative way as there are no upfront infrastructure, software or resource skills needed by organisations to get started.

How Smarter Integration Works

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